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Tag: html

  • Link

    Made me nod during the read: Bruce Lawson answering the question “What is ‘good’ HTML?”

  • What I learnt today: styleguides and components

    An article from the “What I learnt today” series about components in front end development

  • What I learnt today: involving clients

    An article from the "What I learnt today" series about how important it is to involve clients very early in a project

  • What I learnt today: multiline tooltips with hint.css

    An article from the "What I learnt today" series on how to achieve multiple lines in tooltips when using hint.css

  • Using the <picture> element in Processwire: revisited

    After introducing the notes section on this website, I needed a way to easily render images with picture element markup. So I wrote module for that.

  • What I learnt today: link prefetching

    An article from the "What I learnt today" series about link and DNS prefetching

  • Using the <picture> element in Processwire

    I’m really excited about the opportunities to declare responsive images directly in your markup. To make this a little easier for me I wrote a module for Processwire.

  • Coding conventions for small teams

    Among constantly growing development teams, things like version control or issue tracking have become indispensable. Unlike those tools, coding conventions are often overlooked – some notes on my workshop last week.