What I do

  • Prototyping

    I create prototypes to test ideas and to verify user research. Although I really like working with pencil and paper, I believe prototypes are best validated where they are supposed to be used: in browsers.

  • Design

    How I approach design for the web has changed over the years. Today I enjoy creating modular, component based design systems — often referred to as style guides.

  • Frontend development

    I write semantic HTML, maintainable CSS and unobtrusive JavaScript to create experiences that look and function beautifully across all browsers and devices.

Things I care about

  • User centric design

    I advocate a user centric design approach. That means every decision should be made with the end user in mind — ideally based on user research.

  • Accessibility

    When building for the web, accessibility can often be overlooked. I strive for meaningful, structured content made available to the widest audience possible.

  • Performance

    Building sites and interfaces that are fast require a lot of consideration. To me, performance isn’t just about load times, but is rather than how fast something is perceived.