My name is Johannes Dachsel and I work and live in a beautiful rural area near Heidelberg in southern Germany. I was born in Dresden, but I’ve been living here in the south since I was five years old. I try to visit Dresden at least once a year though.

I started my working life as a professional photographer. Back then, I became heavily interested in the web, mainly because I wanted to show my photography portfolio online. So I made use of the design skills that I had picked up during my photography education, started to learn HTML, CSS and Javascript and made my first website (which sadly no longer exists). That was in 2007.

I haven’t stopped learning ever since.

I started a freelance business in 2009 and I’ve been working with my own clients as well as part of development teams in other agencies since then.

When I’m not working, I like to cook, spend time outdoors (hiking, climbing and cycling), listen to my record collection, organise creative retreats and I enjoy brewing beer. And I like bees and dinosaurs. A lot.