I first came across Beyond Tellerrand because of a video of Andy Clarke’s talk in Berlin 2014. Since I also heard him recommend the conference on his podcast unfinished business, I was really excited to attend this year.

First of all, it just blows my mind how much attention to detail is spent on every aspect of this event. Everything is taken care of and you feel very welcome and well looked after.

Marc Thiele is organizing the conference on his own, which— after the two days I’ve spent here—seemed to me like a Herculean task. But as he mentioned in his opening statement: he does it just because he loves doing it. And I’m sure everyone who was lucky enough to have been here wouldn’t have the slightest doubt about that. Just amazing.

The selection of the speakers couldn’t have been better. The wide range of topics was just incredible and I enjoyed every single talk.

For me, the most interesting notion of the last two days was to take a step back and look at the basic building blocks the web is made of and—even more important—why that is the case. A notion of quality over quantity – not running after the latest innovation but instead building and caring about something that’s here to stay. In that regard, the talks of Jeremy Keith and Christian Heilmann stood out for me.

I enjoyed the more “techy” talks as well, like Sara Soueidan’s take on common problems with SVG or Scott Jehl’s approach to deliver sites responsibly. And Petro Salema’s talk about our attention capacity in an ever increasing stream of notifications and stuff thrown at us by digital platforms was just mind-bending.

I’m leaving Düsseldorf tomorrow morning, fueled with stuff to think about. And I wouldn’t hesitate a second to come and attend Beyond Tellerrand again!