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What I learnt today: styleguides and components

I’m in the middle of writing a front end styleguide at the moment. Today, I finished the basic stuff like colours and typography and started to think about the components that I would need to write.

Thinking about these small pieces out of context of a full page layout has been incredibly valuable today, especially in terms of responsive design. I found it a lot easier to make these components adaptable because I didn’t need to think about other parts or modules on the page and could just focus on one thing at a time.

I’m really intrigued by this way of modular front end development and I can’t wait to finally join all those pieces together and see how they interact. That’s what I learnt today.

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What I learnt today: styleguides

I’m currently involved in a project where we are tasked with combining and unifying the web properties of one of our clients. To be geared up for the scale of this project, I suggested that we should write a front end styleguide.

Today I wanted to get started with the basic elements like colours and typography. The client provided their corporate styleguide, but apart from mentioning some colour hex values and which fonts should be used on their websites, it contained hardly any specific information on how certain elements should be formatted.

I wasn’t really surprised about this because it was pretty obvious that their style guide was derived from a version where it has solely been used for print design. However, I did expect a little bit more information about the very basics in terms of designing for the web. I guess the web is still neglected styleguide-wise. At least that’s what I learnt today.