A few years ago I started adopting the IndieWeb principles on my website. I have set up a micropub endpoint, I post to twitter from my own site, and I’ve been using OwnYourGram to pull in the photos I post on Instagram.

One thing that I’ve been wanting to do since then, was to include the bike rides I track and post on Strava. Strava let’s you upload activities through their API, which would make it the perfect choice for the POSSE principle.

However, there is a downside to this approach: I don’t have a separate GPS tracking device to record my rides. Instead, I use Strava’s iPhone app which is absolutely brilliant. So I decided to go with the PESOS principle here. I wrote a module for Processwire (the CMS I’m using) that hooks into the LazyCron module, fetches the rides I’m tracking and posts them in the notes section of this site, including the photos I took on the ride, a map and some stats. The final result looks like this.

I really enjoyed playing around with Strava’s API and I suspect I’m not done yet. Next steps might include grabbing the kudos and comments on my rides and displaying them here.