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Adactio: Journal—Dev perception

There’s so much in Jeremy’s post that I can relate to. If they weren’t that long, I would wear his closing remarks on a t-shirt.

When we’re evaluating technologies for appropriateness, I hope that we will do so through the lens of what’s best for users, not what we feel compelled to use based on a gnawing sense of irrelevancy driven by the perceived popularity of newer technologies.

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What I learnt today: simplicity can be powerful

Today was the first day of Indie Web Camp in Brighton. The schedule is similar to the first Indie Web Camp I attended in Düsseldorf. On the first day, there are barcamp like sessions, and on the second day, everyone gets down to build something.

Although I already have marked up my posts with microformats, I attended a session about this topic. I’m really intrigued by this very pragmatic approach to enrich what’s already there with useful information. Today, Glenn referred to this as “building an API for your site by just adding a few classes” because when microformats markup is parsed, it contains a lot of information which could be used in any way we want to.

I hadn’t really thought about it that way but I realised that it’s entirely true. I’m fascinated by the fact that something very powerful can be achieved by such easy measures. And that’s what I learnt today.